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STG74S-E1G000-1-0-AHS-11C-B-11A0-F1-0000 | Honeywell | STG700 Gauge Pressure Transmitters


  • Manufacturer : STG74S-E1G000-1-0-AHS-11C-B-11A0-F1-0000
  • Product No. : Honeywell
  • Product type : STG700 Gauge Pressure Transmitters
  • Gauge In-Line : URL/Max Span = 500 (35), LRL = 14.7 (-1.0), M in span = 5 (.35), Units = psi (bar).
  • E : Process Head & Diaphragm Materials = 316 Stainless Steel , 316L SS
  • 1 : Fill Fluid = Silicone Oil 200
  • G : Process Connection = 1/2″ NPT (female), Material same as Process Head
  • 0 : Bolt/Nut Materials = None
  • 0 : Vent/Drain Type/Location : None
  • 0 : Gasket Material = None
  • 1 : Head/Connect Orientation = Standard, High Side Left, Ref Side Right2 / Std Head Orientation
  • 0 : Approvals = No Approvals Required
  • A : Electronic Housing Material & Connection Type = Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum, 1/2 NPT
  • H : Output/ Protocol = 4-20mA dc, HART Protocol
  • S : Indicator = Standard (w/Internal Zero,Span&Config buttons), Ext Zero, Span & Config Buttons = None, Languages = English.
  • 1 : Application Software = Standard Diagnostics
  • 1 : Write Protect = Disabled, Fail Mode = High> 21.0mAdc, High & Low Output Limits = Honeywell Std (3.8 – 20.8 mAdc).
  • C : General Configuration = Custom Configuration (Unit Data Required from customer)
  • B : Accuracy = standard, Calibrated Range = Custom (Unit Data Required), Calibration Qty = Single Calibration
  • 1 : Mounting Bracket = Angle Bracket, Carbon steel
  • 1 : Customer Tag = One Wired Stainless Steel Tag (Up to 4 lines 26 char/line)
  • A0 : Unassembled Conduit Plugs & Adapters = No Conduit Plugs or Adapters Required
  • F1 : Certifications & Warranty = Calibration Test Report & Certificate of Conformance
  • 0000 : Factory = Factory Identification
  • Shipping Weight : 8Kg
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