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Fire Safety Products

Enhance Life Safety with Quality Fire Fighting and Fire Safety Products from Hashtron

Fire safety is an important part of protecting the safety and security of people and property. Having trustworthy fire fighting and fire safety items on hand might make all the difference in the case of a fire.

Hashtron is a reputable supplier of high-quality fire fighting and fire safety equipment that are intended to improve life safety in various situations,

Investing in high-quality fire safety equipment is a good option whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or a member of an organization. Let’s take a look at Hashtron’s extensive product line and see how it can help you protect yourself from the deadly impacts of flames.

Q-Light Wright SHD-WS-AC220V-R-P: Waterproof Sound and Light Alarm Lights

The Q-Light Wright SHD-WS-AC220V-R-P is the perfect waterproof sound and light alarm light for vessels and heavy industry applications. It is designed to endure the harshest environment due to its toughness and contained structure.

This alarm light, which combines warning lights and electric horns, provides maximum attention during emergencies. It adjusts to any circumstance, even in busy situations, thanks to its five warning noises.

It is works on 220 Volts and its economical power consumption ensures that it can run for an extended period of time without depleting resources.

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MEBO Burn Fast Pain Relief Healing Cream: Fast Relief for Burns, Wounds, and Skin Ulcers

The MEBO Burn Fast Pain Relief recovery Cream is ideal for providing immediate pain relief and recovery. Its anti-inflammatory, bacteria-fighting, and analgesic properties can be used to treat burns, wounds, and skin ulcers providing immediate relief and promoting rapid recovery.

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Dräger PARAT Escape Hoods: Your Lifesaving Defense

Our ultimate protection against toxic gases, vapors, and particles is the Dräger PARAT Escape Hoods that with an easy donning design shields you for up to 15 minutes, keeping you safe in hazardous situations.

When every second counts, trust Dräger PARAT Escape Hoods to provide a vital barrier. Defend yourself against industrial and fire-related dangers with confidence, ensuring a swift escape and minimizing exposure.

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Viking – Nomex Fire Fighting Suit: Unmatched Protection and Comfort

The Viking-Nomex Fire Fighting Suit is top-of-the-line gear designed to protect against radiant heat while remaining comfortable. It has high-quality insulation to protect against severe heat, and its lightweight construction offers optimal comfort over time.

It features reflective trims for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, removable knee pads for personalized protection, and convenient pockets for easy access to essential equipment.


Make fire safety a priority and trust Hashtron to provide you with the essential tools for effective fire prevention and response.


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