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building materials

We facilitate customers with high-quality building materials.

auto part

Auto Spare Parts By renowned Brands Like KIA, Nissan, etc.

Rotary Meter

Take the most convenient rotary meter to measure gas flow.

calibration gas

We provide gravimetrically prepared calibration gas mixtures.

safety electrical

Complete range of electrical safety equipment for your protection.

electrical product

We offer the best electrical products for your electrical needs.

multi purpose products

Various multi-purpose products to perform multiple activities.

first aid kit

A complete first aid & eye care solution for your eye safety.

fire safety

Providing effective firefighting and fire safety equipment.

gass detection

Protect your workplace by detecting harmful gases.


Providing high-pressure and industrial hoses of high quality.

oil field

We are your one-stop-shop for all oil field equipment.


ladders and scaffolding for easier tower access.

other products

Offering a wide range of products for homes and industries.


We have the right rope for you for any industrial work.

road safety

Road safety equipment for meeting safety & security needs.

safety products ppe

Safety equipment for enhancing the personal protection of people.

spill solution

We offer comprehensive Spill solutions to global markets.

lighting torch

Buy Impressive torches & flashlights At Cheap Prices.

air filter

Filters of High Quality and reasonable pricing.


For any plumbing system, we have the ideal valve.


We supply air compressors for all compressed air needs.

wind material

Our high-quality wind materials make wind detection easier.

welding equipments

Low price & high-quality welding equipment from top brands.


Bringing a wide selection of CargoLoc Automotives.

home improvement

Wide range of products to increase house functionality.


We are a distributor of high-quality branded lubricants.


Even without power, manifolds manage gas or liquid flow.

pressure regulator

Pressure regulators to help maintain safe pressure levels.


We have top-tier motors from top-tier brands for you.

measring instrument

Take a perfect measurement with perfect measuring tools.

logistic equipment

Improve the efficiency of the logistic process.

power tool

Get top brands’ power tools at reasonable pricing.

storage solution

Storage solutions to keep your equipments organized.


Buy top brand tools & hardware for your industrial work.

travel accessories

Enhance your travelling experience with these acccesories.


Transmitters from leading brands in the electrical industries.

medical equipments

One-stop shop for all medical equipment.

label printer

Complete facility labeling tasks with ease.


Invest in high-quality laboratory equipment for your lab.

Marine Products

We have a range of marine products and accessories.

IT Poducts

Our wide variety of IT products has got you covered.

Computer Accessories

Find the best quality computer accessories here at Hashtron.

Professional Electronic Test Tools

Wide range of electronic tools.

Electric Motors and Fans

Invest in our electrical appliances that last a lifetime.

Industrial Vacuums and Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning can be hectic but not while using our cleaning equipment.

HVAC Products and Spare Parts

We’ve got you covered for the supply of spare parts.

office and equipments categories img

The best office accessories in town are available at our shop.

communiation equipment categories img

Communicate effectively and easily using our communication equipment.

bearings seals

Keep your parts running smoothly with our Bearing and Seals

Explosion Proof Atex Materials

Prevent explosions from occurring with our explosion-proof atex material

Blasting Equipment

We have blasting equipment from leading brands

Bolts Screws and Fasteners

Disassemble and re-assemble parts and equipment smoothly with our  bolts, screws and fasteners

Engines and Spares

Get sturdy and durable engines and spares from the best brands

ups generator

We have the top brand UPS and Generators in our shop

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